ATCO Gas Australia – we are thrilled to announce our recent appointment as project management consultants to ATCO Gas Australia (AGA)  We’ll be assisting AGA in delivering key strategic initiatives, including their upcoming regulatory submission to the Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) of Western Australia.  We’ll also be providing portfolio governance services to AGA, as part of further improvements planned for their investment governance framework. and PwC – we are delighted to be contributing to this Irish blog run by Brian Seidma, FDI expert based in Ireland. See also  Thanks also to Brian and the team at for the recent attendance by GCM.  Also thanks to PwC Ireland for recent invites to Irish Institute of Directors and Australia Irish Chamber of Commerce functions in Dublin.


Global coaching – we are excited that Simon Haigh is joining the auspicious global executive leadership company as an associate.  This is in addition to the fact that Simon is already a certified coach with the group.


Brand Finance – Great interview for Simon Haigh on Dublin City FM 103 recently n relation to our agency management agreement with You can listen to a podcast of the interview here:

Simon also joined the Ireland Gateway to Europe Group in London on 6-7 April and also attended the Brand Finance New York Forum on 30 March.


CGR – we recently formed a partnership with CGR, a leading provider of cloud-based risk management software.  GCM and CGR will be collaborating on a number of fronts, including implementation of the CGR platform at client sites, as well as the ongoing evolution of the platform into the compliance, breach reporting and other spaces.