1. We are delighted to have been recommended- via the Australian Ambassador to Ireland- to join the Austrade, Australian Gvt inbound trade referral consultant panel- www.austrade.gov.au. We are now an active consultant.


2. Inbound and Outbound Irish and Australian- Asia-Pacific Trade

With growing expertise in inbound and outbound Asian-Australian e-commerce, business, investment and cultural exchange activities, we are delighted to be developing opportunities through the AustralAsia Business Hub including with Irish entities- Bank of Ireland, www.autofret.com andwww.justbanc.com. Discussions have also taken place with Irish and Australian water, milk, coffee, dairy and pharmaceuticals companies and with Irish Gvt body Bord Bia in prospective large deals with China.

3. Australia’s South West Regional Tourism Organisation
We were recently engaged by Australia’s South West to assist with governance and compliance.

4. www.izabelafelinski.com
We are delighted to be supporting innovative Perth based jewellery business www.izabelafelinski.com.

5. Illutho Pty Ltd
We are very pleased to have been engaged by Perth based IP acceleration and commercialisation company Ilutho Pty Ltd.

6. Regional Industries Cooperative Research Centre.
We are excited to be supporting Curtin University and Ninti One in relation to the Regional Industries Cooperative Research Centre.

7. Our collaboration with Aussie Orientation Services- www.aussieos.com.au

We successfully co-launched the Cultural Intelligence Executive Seminar with Aussie Orientation Services in Perth, Thursday 12 May. We are working on further follow on collaborative activities.

8. www.ratewise.com

We are delighted to be working with highly innovative Irish technology – hotel revenue management- company www.ratewise.com.

9. AustralAsia Health Commercialisation Group

We are extremely honoured to have recently executed a tripartite pan-Asian collaborative agreement for the AustralAsia Health Commercialisation Group with leading industry players in Australian and Asia. Commercial discussions have already commenced, including with Innovate Australia.

10. Curtin University
Our Collaboration with Curtin University in the data modeling space continues.

11. Ayr International- www.ayrinternational.com
We are very excited to have been engaged by this property development group to assist with fund-raising and project management activities.

12. Cleancrete WA Pty ltd
We are very pleased to support this highly innovative WA based company, which is introducing world leading new construction technologies to the ANZ markets

13. New directors
Last, but not least, we are delighted to be expanding our Australian board with the addition of experienced Perth based executive and project and risk management, process improvement, organisational change, IT and audit and assurance consultant Matt Nile. GCM Advisor Oscar Fong has also been promoted to position of director.